Wheat And Tares

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 236
Matthew 13:24-58

The kingdom's also like a field wherein is sewn good seed.
But then an enemy sews in tares. They're kind of like a weed.

The servants ask, should we pull them up? The master says, oh no.
If you pull them up you'll destroy the crop. We'll have to let them grow.

But then at harvest time the servants gather tares to burn.
They put the wheat into the barn. Here's another one to learn.

The kingdom's like a mustard seed. Some say it is the least.
But when the seed is fully grown, it shelters man and beast.

The kingdom's also like some yeast, that a baker puts in dough.
It only takes a little, because the yeast will grow.

Jesus spoke these to the multitude. As they listened from the land.
He spoke to them in parables so they wouldn't understand.

Then in a private home with his disciples gathered round,
He explained the meaning of the tares, that were sewn in the good ground.

The field is the world. The good seed all believe.
The tares, the wicked who reject. The gospel don't receive.

The enemy is the devil. The harvest, the world's end.
Angels are the reapers whom my Father's going to send.

The wicked will be destroyed, while the righteous live with me.
These things I tell you now, the prophets wished to see.

The kingdom's like a treasure and a pearl of great price.
To give up all to gain it, is a worthy sacrifice.

But like the wheat and tares, the kingdom's like a fisherman.
He casts his net into the sea and pulls up all he can.

Then he separates the good and bad. Just like on judgment day.
The righteous live forever, the rest are burned away.

Then Jesus went into the synagogue in Nazareth where he'd grown.
They were astonished at His wisdom, in this town that was his home.

Is this not the son of Mary, and his dad the carpenter?
Are not his brothers with us and his sisters I am sure?

They were offended he would teach them, and so Jesus declared,
A prophet's home rejects him. He ministered little there.

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