BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 235
Matthew 13:1-23

A multitude thronged Jesus as he sat beside the shore.
He got into a fishing boat and sat just like before.

Did they come to follow Jesus, or for curiosity?
To hear his words or be entertained? See, they had no TV.

He spoke to them in parables. First the sower and the seed.
Some fell on paths and stony ground, and others on the weeds.

And some seed fell on good ground. It grew and brought fourth fruit.
Some thirty, sixty, a hundred fold. The good ground let it root.

The disciples said, oh master, are parables what you've planned?
They thought He should speak plainly, so all could understand.

Jesus answered, to you it is given to understand my word.
But these have hearts of unbelief. They don't want what they've heard.

You are blessed for you believe. So now let me explain.
The parable of the sower. I'll tell it once again.

The seed on the hard way side is quickly snatched away.
In unbelief this hearer doesn't even last a day.

The stony ground is those who hear and gladly want my word.
But persecution stunts their growth. They don't do what they've heard.

The thorny ground is those who hear, and then begin to grow.
But worldly cares and riches, replace the things they know.

And finally there's the good ground. They believe and understand.
They grow and bear much fruit, as they preach across the land.

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