Lord Of The Sabbath

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 234
Matthew 12:1-50

Well the Sabbath day was come, but a man has got to eat.
The disciples, they were hungry. They were dead upon their feet.

In the field there was corn, so they ate it anyway.
Then Pharisees said, you've harvested, on the Sabbath day.

If you would study the scriptures, then you would not condemn.
It is you Pharisees who are guilty, Jesus said, rather than them.

In the synagogue was a fellow. He had a withered hand.
Jesus looked at the Pharisees and asked them. You think I should heal this man?

Which of you, on the Sabbath, would not rescue your sheep?
Is this man not more worthy, than the animals you keep?

He said stretch forth your hand. The man did as Christ told.
And just like the other the withered hand was made whole.

When Jesus departed, they brought another one,
possessed of a devil, he was both blind and dumb.

Jesus healed him in so much, he both spoke and he saw.
Now the Pharisees couldn't say that he'd broken the law.

So they said by the devil Christ healed this man.
But if a house is divided, that house cannot stand.

Jesus caught them again in their contradiction.
This wasn't by Satan, this demon eviction.

You may misunderstand me and you'll be forgiven.
But when God's spirit moves you, you blaspheme against heaven.

You generation of vipers, how shall you amend?
Your words show you're just, or by your words you're condemned.

Then certain scribes and Pharisees said, show us a sign.
That's a wicked thing to ask, but I'll give one this time.

Jonah three days and nights in the belly of the fish.
So in the earth, this one shall be. Now there, you have your wish.

Both Nineveh and Sheba shall judge this generation.
They both believed while you reject, yet you lead this chosen nation.

Now while he talked behold his mom and brothers stood without.
A time for Christ to make a point, and he would leave no doubt.

Who is my mother and my brother? Then Christ stretched forth his hand.
Each who obeys my Father's will. Each woman and each man.

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