Healing & Preaching

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 230
Matthew 8:1-9:38, Mark 3:20-6:6
Luke 7:1-8:56

A Roman centurion learned about Jesus and believe that He was God's Son.
His servant was sick so he asked the Jews to see if Jesus would come.

Before that Jesus could enter his house, he said Lord just say the word.
I'm not worthy that you should come to me. Just speak and you will be heard.

Jesus healed the servant, and commended the officer for displaying such marvelous faith.
Then He saw a funeral, a widow's son being carried to the burying place.

Jesus, filled with compassion, touched the coffin and said son, I say arise.
He sat up and spoke, while the rest of the folk, were filled with awe and surprise.

While Jesus ate with a Pharisee, a woman of the street,
Brought an alabaster box of ointment, and anointed Jesus feet.

The Pharisee thought, if Jesus knew this woman's reputation,
She'd be the last person he would let touch him in all of the Jewish nation.

Jesus said a creditor forgave two debts. He knew the thoughts of his host.
Which one do you think will love him more? Well the one he forgave the most.

You've answered right. You gave me no oil or kiss when tonight we meet.
But this woman has not ceased to kiss me and anoint with oil my feet.

Then Jesus and disciples departed, on the Sea of Galilee.
There arose such a tempest the ship was covered but Jesus was fast asleep.

The disciples cried out, Lord save us we perish. How long do you think we can swim?
Jesus calmed the winds and the waves were still. They marveled, the seas obey him!

When they reach the opposite shore, two men with devils cried out.
We know who you are, you son of God, they called with a wailing shout.

Now a good way off was a heard of pigs. They said let us go into them.
Jesus cast them out. The swine ran to the sea, but the piggies couldn't swim.

Then they sailed back home. Jesus healed and taught, 'till a ruler told of his daughter.
He said Lord please come. My child is dead, and that's why we haven't brought her.

As Jesus was walking to the ruler's house, a woman with a 12-year disease,
thought, I'm sure I'd be healed if I could just touch, the garment about his knees.

Daughter your faith has made you whole. That's exactly what Jesus said.
Then declared inside the ruler's house, this sleeping girl's not dead.

Guests laughed him to scorn but he made them leave as he took her by the hand.
He raised the dead girl from off her bed and his fame spread throughout the land.

Then he healed two blind men and a man who was mute. These miracles Jesus would do.
He preached to the throngs and told his disciples. Such a harvest, but laborers are few.

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