BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 228
Matthew 5:1-6:4, Luke 6:1-36

The poor in spirit have the kingdom of heaven. They that morn will be consoled.
All the meek, they will inherit the earth. Seek righteousness; be filled, we're told.

The merciful, shall obtain mercy. This is my favorite indeed.
If I will be kind to others, God says He'll be kind to me!

Pure in heart see God. His children make peace.
Those who suffer for right will later increase.

Jesus said their reward will be exceeding great.
So live for our Saviour. It's never too late.

We're the salt of the earth, so don't act like sand.
We're the light of the world. On a hill we should stand.

You don't light a candle, put it under a lid.
So let your light shine. Don't keep it hid.

I came to fulfill every word of the law.
And so shall I do, without any flaw.

Some say, do not kill, but consider this other.
You're guilty already, if you're mad at your brother.

Some say, don't be unfaithful. If you cheat it's a bust,
But I say you're guilty if you're looking with lust.

Friend, love your wife. Don't put her away.
When you make a promise, always do what you say.

And don't swear by God. Just say yes or no.
Your word is your word. That makes it so.

Others say no mercy, an eye for an eye.
But remember my favorite. Friend, God doesn't lie.

He says, show mercy, and He will reward.
That's a promise I want. That's a gift from our Lord.

Don't just love your friends. Love your enemies too.
And always be grateful that God's loving you.

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