Galilee Healing

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 227
Matthew 4:23-25, Mark 1:21-3:19
Luke 5:11-5:39

Then He taught in Capernaum of Galilee, where a man was demon possessed.
Jesus commanded the devil to leave him. And the man came calm and blessed.

That evening at Simon's house Simon's mother-in-law lay sick.
When the people knew Jesus healed her they gathered around him quick.

He healed multitudes till evening, and woke up early the next day.
He went into a solitary place and there he knelt to pray.

Then departing with his disciples he preached throughout Galilee.
Where a man begged him for healing. The man was full of leprosy.

He said Lord if you will you can heal me. This leper made quite a scene.
Jesus had compassion on his faith. I will. Now be thou clean.

The man was cleansed of leprosy. Jesus fame spread far and wide.
When Jesus wanted a private place to pray, in the wilderness he'd hide.

While Jesus preached, a man was brought, lame upon his bed.
The crowd kept them from the front door. They came through the roof instead.

Now many learned and Pharisees we're watching Jesus heal.
So when Jesus saw this crippled man he thought now here's the deal.

These religious leaders have come to judge. Some fault they want to find.
I'll heal and forgive his sin. Now that will blow their mind.

So he said thy sins be forgiven thee. The Pharisees scowled and spat.
Is there a problem asked Jesus? Even you could fake a phrase like that.

But to prove that I can forgive sin, I'll heal this crippled man.
Arise and walk, and the man jumped up. Which of you could make him stand?

The people cheered and glorified God for they knew this man was lame.
But the Pharisees were angry and hated him just the same.

There was another man they hated. He collected the Roman tax.
Levi believed, and when Christ called him, he followed Jesus to the max.

Jesus' fame spread through the region. Crowds grew larger than you could count.
So Jesus climbed atop a hill, and preach The sermon on the mount.

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