Ministry Begins

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 223
John 1:35-2:12

After John baptized Jesus he saw him again.
Said this is the one who will save us from sin.

Two of his disciples chose to follow the Christ.
One was Simon's brother. This will change Peter's life.

Andrew first found his brother and brought him to Jesus.
He said you are Simon, now your name will be Cephas.

Then Jesus called Philip and he found Nathaniel.
Jesus said you've no guile. That's a whole lot like Daniel.

Nathaniel was shocked and asked how do you know me?
Jesus said, my good man, I saw you under the fig tree.

Just three days later in Cana was a marriage.
If they ran out of wine the guests would disparage.

Well that's just what happened. They were in quite a fix.
Do you have water pots? They said yes, we have six.

Jesus said fill them up all the way to the brim.
Then find the feast's governor, and give it to him.

As he tasted the wine, instead of depressed,
he was happy as peaches. Said this wine's the best!

This is called the beginning, of the miracles of Christ.
He would work countless more for three years of his life.

The people all marveled. They believe now on him.
He departed and went down to Capernaum.

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