Jesus' Boyhood

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 220
Matthew 2:1-23, Luke 2:21-52

Jesus, at eight days old, was given to the Lord on high.
In the temple Simeon met them. God said, he would not die,

Until he saw the Saviour, but how would Simeon know?
God showed him it was Jesus. Bless God, now I can go.

For now my eyes have seen, the salvation of the Lord.
But for sure your righteous soul, will be pierc-ed by a sword.

Your child shall be a light. He's the sacrifice we need.
For he came to make us right. Mary's heart would surely grieve.

Then the aged prophet Anna, gave thanks for the Prince of Peace.
At their home the wise men visited. His star was in the east.

But to find where Jesus lived, they asked Herod, where's your king?
Well I thought that, that was me. Your question's very troubling.

Find him and bring me word. I'd like to worship too.
But the wise men slipped away. God warned what Herod would do.

God also tipped off Joseph, who to Egypt fled by night.
Herod saw that he was mocked. He put up a futile fight.

He killed the babes in Bethlehem as Jeremiah prophesied.
While Joseph was in Egypt that old wicked Herod died.

Then God told them in a dream, you can go back home again.
In Nazareth He grew, God's spirit guiding Him.

Now every year they worshiped traveling to Jerusalem.
At 12 years old while they journeyed home Jesus didn't go with them.

They returned to find him sitting with the doctors and the priests.
Amazed at this boy's wisdom. For three days he had not ceased.

He astounded them with answers, to their theology.
But his parents reprimanded, we are worried don't you see?

He looked upon his parents and ask, folks do not you know?
About my Father's business, don't you see that I must go?

They understood him not, as the family walked away.
He returned back home to Nazareth where he always did obey.

Jesus then grew up with them in that Galilean land.
In wisdom and in stature, fav-or with God and man.

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