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Zechariah 1:1-14:21

When Zechariah wrote, Israel had returned, from 70 years away.
Captive abroad in a foreign land. Had they learned not to disobey?

Zechariah reminds them of their father's error, and says please don't do the same.
Honor God and he'll bless you. Return and rebuild, this land from which you came.

God gave to him eight visions. First, 70 years they'd slaved away.
The second and third speak of judgment on those, who put them in disarray.

The fourth tells of restoration and the fifth continues this word.
As God says it will happen not by might, nor power, but by my spirit saith the Lord.

The sixth warns that God will not tolerate sin, and the seventh stresses the same.
The eighth shows God assessing the earth, judging nations who dishonored his name.

Then we see Joshua who was the high priest, crowned as King. In a future day,
Jesus our priest will be crowned as King, in much the very same way.

Then God will dwell in Zion. A time of peace and joy.
But first there must be a purging, all wickedness to destroy.

The Messiah must come, the Lamb of God, to save us from our sin.
Zechariah is rich with scriptures, that prophesy of him.

He tells how the Messiah will come, riding a donkey's foal.
How for 30 pieces of silver, the wicked achieved their goal.

He says they'll be cast to the potter. With that silver they bought his field.
Then the shepherd is smitten and the sheep are scattered. To doubt and fear they yield.

But Zechariah looks forward to another time when Jesus will come again.
In the second he comes to rule the Earth. In the first to save from sin.

So Zechariah says, the Lord will fight those who oppress His land.
They will flee from His presence in that day of the Lord. On the Mount of Olives He'll stand.

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