BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 211
Micah 1:1-7:20

Micah lived in Moresheth in Judah's far south west,
When Israel and Judah, were failing all God's tests.

He condemned Israel's idolatry, and Judah did the same.
The prophets were corrupt, speaking falsely in God's name.

As God's true prophets warned, they would be overthrown.
Until the end of days, when God comes to save His own.

He will reign and rule from Zion. Jerusalem will be free.
But first he'll come to live and die and rise for you and me.

Micah prophesies of Jesus, in lowly Bethlehem.
From the least among the thousands, would come the great I am.

Then he once again reminds them, from Egypt's land they'd come.
God's mighty hand used Moses, Aaron, and sister Mariam.

Now they'd forsaken all His ways. Deceit was in their mouth.
God warned, I now must cast you down, lay desolate your house.

But in the end he says again, to God they will return.
And God will show them mercy, when the lesson they have learned.

He will have compassion on them. Cast their sins into the sea.
As God swore unto their fathers, so the blessings they shall be.

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