Jonah Preaches

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 210
Jonah 1:10-4:11

So this is the time that Jonah advised, cast me in and the sea will be still.
But the men tried to row. Jonah, they wouldn't throw, 'till finally they lost their will.

Jonah we can't save, though we row like a slave. There has to be some other balm.
But Jonah insisted, though they had resisted. When he splashed the water was calm.

The sea was like glass as he sunk below, disappearing with only a swish.
They thought he was dead but God had a plan. The plan was a great big fish.

It swallowed Jonah, three days and three nights, inside I'd say Jonah was well.
But Jonah would quickly disagree. He called it the belly of hell.

Jonah thought he had died. He said he went down to the bottom of the earth.
Forever gone were Jonah's words. You might say he had a new birth.

God spoke to the fish. The one that went swish. It puked Jonah up on dry land.
You've a hundred hairs less, and you look like a mess, now this time don't run from my hand.

Arise go to Nineveh and warn of their sin, lest I judge that city so great.
You wasted some time, in fish guts and slime. You're lucky it isn't too late.

Then Jonah warned, just forty more days, and all life in this place will be ceased.
And the people believed and they turned from their sin from the greatest unto the least.

So God stayed his judgment and forgave that great town because they believed and repented.
But Jonah was mad. Oh, far worse than sad. God's forgiveness Jonah resented.

Jonah made him a hut east of the city to see if God would destroy it.
He knew that God could, if only God would, send brimstone, perchance He'd deploy it.

But the city was saved. God freely forgave. They repented of their sin.
Poor angry Jonah, lamenting a loss, when he should have celebrated a win.

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