Joseph The Brother

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 021
Genesis 43:1-Genesis 45:24

Jacob's food didn't last forever. Without water the crops would fail.
Again they must try. It was Egypt or die. Plus Simeon's still in jail.

Go to Egypt and buy more corn, Jacob commanded the ten.
Without Benjamin he won't let us return, and we'll all be like Simeon.

Judah offered my father we're desperate. Benjamin or everyone dies.
I will keep our young brother myself. Without him they'll say we are spies.

Jacob groaned as he gave his instructions. Offer gifts and double the pay.
Bring Benjamin back with your brother. Don't take my family away.

So they journeyed down to Egypt, and stood before the strange man.
Joseph hid himself, from them as he wept, when he beheld Benjamin.

To his servant Joseph instructed. Bring these men to my home today.
They feared. Why? Is it the money? Does he think we stole it away?

But the steward of Joseph's estate, said don't worry and brought Simeon.
Then Joseph arrived. Is your father alive? He is well, and they bowed down again.

That day they had lunch with Joseph. The Egyptian in charge of the store.
He set much food before them, but to Benjamin five times more.

Then he sent them off to their father, with the money returned in each sack.
But his own silver cup put in Benjamin's bag, he intended to bring them back.

Joseph's steward caught up to the brothers. Someone stole the cup of my lord.
We didn't do it. If one of us stole it then kill him. They gave their word.

As the Steward checked each food sack, the money was there again.
Finally he came to the youngest ones sack and cup was with Benjamin.

So they all journeyed back to Joseph. Did you think that I wouldn't know?
The thief will be my servant. The rest of you can go.

Now the brothers were really exhausted, shaking with fear and dread.
If Benjamin doesn't return to our land, our father will be dead.

Judah begged, let me be your servant. I pledged my life for the lad.
If we don't bring him back to our father, it will be the end of our dad.

This was all that Joseph could handle. He'd disguised himself from them.
But now he revealed, how back in the field, they sold him to Midian.

They were troubled and scared and bewildered. Good lord what will Joseph do.
After all of our schemes we remember the dreams, and now they have come to be true.

Joseph wept and hugged and kissed them. Do not worry though you think you should.
You meant it to hurt me for evil, but God meant it all for good.

Go back and tell my old father. I love him and want him to stay,
with all of our family in Egypt. God has blessed me and planned for this day.

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