Jonah Runs

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 209
Jonah 1:1-1:9

One day God's word came to Jonah. I have a job for you.
Go to that city Nineveh, and warn what I will do.

Now Nineveh was wicked. Jonah thought, I want them dead.
God is telling me to warn them? I'll go the other way instead.

So Nineveh was to the east. A trip you take by land.
He should have saddled up a donkey, but on the other hand...

He thought, there must be some mistake. This task is not for me.
I'm going to go to Tarshish, and I'm going to go by sea.

Now Tarshish was quite far away. To Rome would be insane.
But Tarshish, it was twice as far. On the other side of Spain.

Surely that is far enough. God won't find me there.
Accept that God knows everything. He had numbered all Jonah's hair.

When the boat had ventured out to sea, God sent a great big wind.
The captain said, we're going to sink! Jonah said, toss me in.

Well the truth is, they tried to save the boat while Jonah was fast asleep.
They rowed, and they fought, and they prayed their gods, but Jonah, he made not a peep.

The captain cried Jonah, pray to your God, wake up, we're all gonna die.
A roll of the dice said Jonah's to blame. Jonah shook his head, it is I.

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