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Joel 1:1-3:21

Joel was a prophet in Judah, at a time God punished the land.
Like Israel, Judah departed from God, and God stretched forth His mighty hand.

He sent locusts, and insects and enemies, to turn them from their sin.
The land was laid waste; the temple forsaken. Please, Joel said, turn back to Him.

The day of the Lord is a terrible thing, when God finally judges the nation.
He's sending an army, mighty and strong. They shall ravage all creation.

Now God says turn back, and I'll stop these woes.
Repent, rend your heart instead of your clothes.

Call for a fast. Call for prayer. Turn to God and He will bless.
He will send the rains. The crops will grow. He will clothe you in righteousness.

He will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh. Sons and daughters will prophesy.
Whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord will live and shall not die.

I will chasten the nations that chastened you. They have taken my silver and gold.
They have carried captive the people of God. Your sons and daughters they've sold.

Beat your plowshares to swords, and you're pruninghooks to spears.
God shall roar out of Zion; take away Judah's fears.

Your enemies shall fall. I will bless you again.
The Lord dwells Zion, when you turn from your sin.

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