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Hosea 1:1-14:9

Hosea was written during Chronicles and kings.
Israel turned from the Lord and was worshipping things.

Idols of silver, cows and then Baal.
They worshipped success. They were all doomed to fail.

Instead of God's bride they went after another.
A cheat for a wife, and not a good mother.

God said to Hosea, get an unfaithful wife.
I'll teach a hard lesson using your life.

Like a woman who cheats so Israel has been.
She'll be punished at first, then redeemed from her sin.

But this day she has turned and forsaken the Lord.
Assyria and Egypt will now be my sword.

I will punish my people who've forsaken my way.
Like an unfaithful wife they have all gone astray.

For two days they shall languish, and be put to flight.
In the third day I'll raise them to live in my sight.

Oh Israel repent, and turn to your Lord.
He will heal you and love you. He gives you His word.

He'll revive you, protect you, and make you to grow.
Let those who are wise all read this and know.

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