The End Of Days

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 204
Daniel 11:5-12:13

So the kingdom of Greece was divided. The messenger said into four.
The king of the North will be very strong, but the South will be even more.

The South makes a treaty with the king of the North but in time the treaty will end.
The king of the South will defeat the North and to Egypt their wealth He will send.

But the sons of the North will revive their strength and the South will come up to fight.
After years and battles the North will prevail and none shall withstand his might.

Through a series of kings, and treaties, and lies, and battles the North will stand.
Till we finally come near the time of the end, when he dominates God's holy land.

Then Michael shall stand, God's holy prince, and fight In the midst of the strife.
None shall escape that troubled world, but those in the Book of Life.

At the end is the resurrection, of the wicked and those who obey.
Some to life eternal, for others the judgment day.

But Daniel seal the book. Its meaning is not yet for you.
It is sealed until the time of the end, but listen I'll give you a clue.

These things will be for a time and times, and then 1/2 of a time.
One single, one plural, and then 1/2. Listen closely to this rhyme.

I'll give you another hint. It helps explain the first.
When the temple sacrifice is replaced with sin, my good man things will get even worse.

For 1,290 days, 1 month more than 3 1/2 years.
For a time, and times, and a dividing of time Israel will shed her tears.

Blessed are those who prevail and return when God comes with praise.
But for now take your rest, and seal the book, 'till you stand at the end of the days.

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