The Revelation Explained

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 203
Daniel 10:1-11:4

In the third year of Cyrus the king, God revealed to Daniel some things.
As he fasted and prayed, in the wilderness stayed, God showed him ten future kings.

The messenger that Daniel saw, had a face like lightning so bright.
His eyes were as fire, his feet shining brass, and his voice filled the strongest with fright.

The mighty men with Daniel, fled from all around.
Daniel too was fully drained of his strength, and hid his face toward the ground.

The messenger's hand touched Daniel as he said, good man stand up right,
Daniel looked up and stood as best as he could but he said he was still filled with fright.

The messenger said fear not Daniel. God heard your request from the start.
You will understand, my Godly man. God has seen, you have a good heart.

I tried to come more quickly, but the Prince of Persia withstood.
Michael came to help after 21 days, and evil was conquered by good.

I will tell you this vision and then return to join once again in the fight.
Michael will help but for now understand this conflict between dark and light.

Three Kings shall stand up in Persia but a fourth shall be richer than all.
But the king of Grecia will be stirred up, and before him Persia will fall.

Then a mightier king will come out of Greece, and shall rule and do as he will.
But into four parts his kingdom will split, and his family won't be part of the deal.

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