Daniel's Third Prophetic Revelation

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 202
Daniel 9:1-27

Here in the first year of Darius the Mede, by the books I now understood.
For seventy years we were captive and slaves, because we had done God no good.

I prayed, and confessed, and repented. Asking God to forgive and restore.
The years were fulfilled. Please let us return and and rebuild our land as before.

But as I prayed an angel came. The angel I saw from before.
Gabriel, said to me, God loves you indeed, He sent me to show you some more.

Seventy weeks, God says, are determined, upon your nation and land.
To make everything right. To end every fight. For God to rule by His hand.

From the time the order comes forth, to rebuild your cities and wall,
until the Messiah, the Godly Prince, shall be sixty-nine weeks in all.

After sixty-two weeks, Messiah shall die. But He'll lay down His life for us.
Not for Himself, but to pay for our sins. For God has determined it thus.

Then Jerusalem and the temple will again be destroyed until a later day.
The evil one will make a deal for a week, or so he shall say.

But before the week's done in the middle of this one, he'll break his promise again.
He'll stop Godly worship. He'll cut off the good. He's called the man of sin.

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