Daniel's Second Prophetic Revelation

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2024 . . 201
Daniel 8:1-27

In Belshazzar's third year Daniel dreamed a dream, a vision upon his bed.
He lifted his eyes and there was a ram with two great horns on his head.

The two horns were high. The higher rose last. It pushed toward the west, south and north.
But then a goat came. The great ram was slain, by a horn on the goat that came forth.

Then the goat's horn was broken; replaced by four more, out of which there came up a fifth.
The fifth started small. Then it became tall. To the heavens it lifted it's fist.

This horn even stopped the worship of God, for two thousand, three hundred days.
When I Daniel saw this, I asked what it meant. It was more than a dream in the haze.

Then I heard a man's voice calling, Gabriel, make Daniel to understand.
I was down on my face, but he set me upright, saying listen to what God has planned.

The ram you saw with two horns, are the kings of the Persians and Medes.
The rough goat is Greece. The great horn, the first king. When he's dead four replace him indeed.

Then in the last days another shall stand, as you saw the little horn grow.
His strength will be great, against mighty and good. 'Till God deals a last crushing blow.

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