Daniel's First Prophetic Revelation

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 200
Daniel 7:1-28

Now Daniel had dreams while in Babylon. A captive in the land of the east.
Four beings came out of the sea. And each of them was a beast.

The first like a lion had eagle's wings. The wings were plucked off and it stood,
Erect like a man, on the edge of the sand, and it seemed that this beast was good.

The second was strong like a bear. It had three ribs in its teeth.
Raised up on one side. It stood up so high, that everything else was beneath.

After it came a beast like a leopard. It had four wings of a bird.
With the wings were four heads. Daniel dreamed on his bed. So strange like nothing he'd heard.

After this came beast number four. It was strong with great iron teeth.
It devoured the dead. Had ten horns on its head, and stomped all else with its feet.

As I looked at the horns another arose that pulled up three of the first.
It had a man's eyes, with a mouth speaking lies. This horn was surely the worst.

Then I watched as thrones were cast down. I saw the Ancient of Days.
His garment was white. His hair like pure wool. On a throne of fire he stays.

Then fire flew out from before him. Untold millions gathered around.
Judgment came abrupt, as the books opened up, and the beast was brought to the ground.

The fourth beast was totally destroyed. The others prolonged and then,
The Son came near to the Father, with a kingdom that never would end.

I was troubled. I knew not the meaning. So I asked one who stood nearby.
He said the four beasts are four kingdoms of men, that shall fall before the most high.

Then I asked of the fourth beast of iron and brass, and the ten horns that grew from his head.
And the horn that came up, before whom three fell. Till the saints rose and slew him quite dead.

He said all shall fall before the most high, but God's saints will never depart.
I tried to decipher this meaning so deep, as I hid it all in my heart.

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