Joseph The Ruler

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 020
Genesis 41:41-Genesis 42:38

Pharaoh made Joseph the prince of the land, only second to Pharaoh was he.
Joseph the prisoner, Joseph the slave, now Joseph a ruler and free.

I have put you in charge of our nation. No man shall lift foot or hand.
Unless you say so. Mr. Joseph now go rule this country, it's at your command.

What would Joseph do with his power? Would he imprison Potiphar's wife?
Would he take revenge on his brothers? Would his enemies fear for their life?

Joseph ne're held any grudges. To every one he was kind.
He set himself to, stockpiling the food. Revenge never crossed his mind.

For seven years there was plenty. Food without number was stored.
The hungry? There were not any. As prophesied by the Lord.

As the first seven years were ended, the dearth covered all the lands.
The citizens cried Pharaoh feed us. He said see Joseph's capable hands.

So Joseph opened the storehouse. The people of Egypt had plenty.
The word got out, to the nations about. They were starving and had not any.

Now Jacob was part of those nations. He was hungry with eleven sons.
He said to the brothers, why look at each other? Get up and get something done.

You know folks can buy corn in Egypt. Go down there and buy with the others.
Why can you imagine? This gets interesting. They were clueless about their brother.

The ten oldest brothers all journeyed, to Egypt to fix their dearth.
They met this strange man, who was over the land, and bowed themselves to the earth.

This strange man in Pharaoh's clothing, who spoke funny Egyptianese,
recognized these men as his brothers, now bowed on bended knees.

Did he want to have some fun, or was he making a test?
He said you are spies, you're all speaking lies. If you've brothers then bring me the rest.

For three days he put them in prison, and then mused, I'll let you go,
but Simeon must stay while you journey away, bring the youngest and don't make it slow.

In panic they spoke in Hebrew, not knowing that he understood.
God treats us this way because of the day, we with Joseph were up to no good.

Joseph cried when he saw them in anguish, and he hid from them his face.
He let them sweat, for that's what you get, when you don't treat others with grace.

Joseph sent them away to their father. Had his servants return their money.
When they opened each sack and their money was back. This was good, but it wasn't funny.

They were scared that the money returned, and they feared to tell their father.
That Simeon was kept, they shook and they wept, and now he wants our young brother.

Jacob yelled, Benjamin? You're crazy. You have taken from me my son.
Joseph is gone, Simeon's in jail, and you want another one?

They desperately felt God was angry. He was punishing them for their sin.
Reuben cried Dad, I will pledge my two sons, if I bring not back Benjamin.

So Simeon sat in jail, 'till they used up all their food.
'Cause Jacob said no, I won't let him go. You're taking away my whole brood.

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