That Middle Tree

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 002
Genesis 2:16-Genesis 3:24

Well God made Adam and God made Eve
And he put them in the garden with the animals and trees.

God said eat all you want but hold back a little
I don't want you eatin' from that tree in the middle.

There was something really special about Adam and his wife,
Neither one of them would die. They both had eternal life.

In the garden was no sin. They could laugh and run and play.
And only one thing-- could take it all away.

Every time they talked, they'd be sayin' what they should,
and every thing they did, they'd be doin' what was good.

They could sing, take a walk, they could even make a fiddle,
God said anything you want but that tree in the middle.

That tree was there to test whether they would each obey,
and every time they saw it they could turn and walk away.

But the devil said God lied. You shouldn't fear that tree.
God is wanting to be selfish. You should come and follow me.

So Eve listened to the devil. Adam listened to his wife.
They both sinned against God's word and they lost eternal life.

They both lost their pretty garden, poor old Adam and Eve.
What God told them was the truth, but they did not believe.

And ever since that day we have had to pick and choose.
Will we obey God's word, or will we disobey and lose.

Will we trust our Saviour Jesus, who rose for you and me.
He gave himself upon a cross. It too was a middle tree.

Don't make the same mistake as did Adam and Eve.
What God tells us is the truth. It is our job to believe.

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