Daniel - The Lion's Den

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 199
Daniel 6:1-28

Darius was the king of Medes, now ruling Babylon.
He needed men to help him rule. A hundred and twenty strong.

Over these he set three presidents, with one above the rest.
Can you guess who was greatest. The one who passed the test?

He was a man envied by all. They said impeach this one.
This man the king put over us. Right or wrong, we'll get it done.

They found no fault to bring him down. No matter. We don't care.
We hate the man. We'll invent a charge. Away with what is fair.

So they conspired. Lets make a law. To the king all subjects pray.
They knew this law Daniel will break. He prays to God each day.

They brought the law before the king. We want to honor you.
The flattered king, he signed the law, as proud fools often do.

He didn't think about Daniel. But just himself instead.
And now if Daniel prayed to God, the king must slay him dead.

As Daniel prayed his enemies accused him to the king.
When Darius heard their trumped up charge he was grieved he'd done this thing.

There was no fairness in their word. But now it was too late.
The lion's den...though the king tried hard, to reverse good Daniel's fate.

Darius couldn't eat or sleep. He'd been tricked by trusted men.
Now the man whom he admired most was in the lion's den.

In the morning he came early. With crying voice and tears.
Daniel did your God protect you? Will there be grief or cheers?

As the grieving king approached the den, mourning Daniel's name.
Can you imagine how he felt, when he heard Daniel exclaim...

Oh king, may you live forever. I'm still in the lion's house.
But God has sent His angel, to shut the lion's mouths.

The king rejoiced with gladness. But the lions had not been fed.
So Daniel's accusers he threw in. By breakfast, they were dead.

Then Darius published through the land a revised new decree.
Daniel's God is the only living God. Pray to Him and not to me.

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