Handwriting On The Wall

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 198
Daniel 5:1-31

Belshazzar made a feast, and with his lords drank wine.
Get the cups from Israel's temple. We'll drink from them this time.

He praised his gods of gold, and disgraced the God of all.
So God sent an angel's hand, to write upon the wall.

When Belshazzar saw the writing, the feast stopped on the spot.
He shook with fear, called wise men near. Said, show me what you've got.

The man who reads the writing will rule third over all.
He'll wear a chain of gold. What is etched upon my wall?

The wise men couldn't tell him. They answered not a word.
Then the queen spoke up, oh mighty king, remember Daniel's Lord.

So Daniel came as summoned, and stood before the king.
I've asked of my astrologers. They didn't know a thing.

If you will tell the meaning, you'll be rewarded great.
So Daniel said I read the words, but your reward has come too late.

Oh king you saw the lessons, God taught the king, your dad.
You saw how he was humbled, when you were just a lad.

And now you think you're better. You've disgraced the God on high.
The word's God writes upon your wall... "This very night you'll die."

Your kingdom is divided, 'tween the Persians and the Meeds.
You always reap just what you sow. So carefully pick your seeds.

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