Nebuchadnezzar's Faith Lesson

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 197
Daniel 4:1-4:37

Nebuchadnezzar was a most blessed man, for God taught him a lesson.
It wasn't pretty at the time. But it really was a blessin'.

He learned his lesson well. He learned God's infinite worth.
Then he published what God taught him to every man on earth.

He said, I was proud and flourishing, when God showed me a dream.
This time I told my wisemen. What does God's message mean?

They didn't have an answer. Then Daniel came again.
I told him of the dream I saw, as I told the other men.

A tree grew strong and very tall. It sheltered bird and beast.
It's leaves were fair. It's fruit was food for the greatest to the least.

Then a watcher came from heaven. He cried, cut down the tree.
Scatter leaves and fruit and beasts and birds. Now the stump is all I see.

Let its heart be change from the heart of a man, and a beast's heart put within.
Let him sit in the field all alone, till seven times pass over him.

Now this was done that all might know, our God controls all still.
He sets up even the basest men. Gives the kingdom to whom he will.

This was my dream. When Daniel heard he was troubled and distressed.
It was going to be hard for me. But God always does what's best.

Daniel said, oh king you are the tree. God made you strong and great.
But your pride forgot who blessed you, and now king, it is too late.

For seven times, as in seven years God will make you like a beast.
The king who was the greatest, will now live like the least.

Thus the lesson you will learn, oh proud and mighty King,
It's God who rules the affairs of man. He orders everything.

And so as God predicted, to me this came to pass.
I learned to know and honor God, in that field eating grass.

I learned that He is mighty. I learned I should obey.
That's why I make this message known, to all I rule this day.

I now extol and honor, the God of all this place.
For I've learned that those who walk in pride, He is able to abase.

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