Nebuchadnezzar's Image Dream

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 195
Daniel 2:1-2:49

In Nebuchadnezzar's second year, he dreamed himself a dream.
He called his magicians and sorcerers. Said it's time for you to come clean.

I tell you a dream. You give the meaning. Do I know what you say is true?
Better do your best, cuz I have a test, to see if I can trust you.

I don't remember the dream I've dreamed. If you're real then you surely can.
If you're fakes, I'm going to find out now. Cut to pieces every man.

The astrologers never doubted Nebuchadnezzar knew what he'd dreamed.
For goodness sakes, now he'll know we are fakes. They were dead man walking it seemed.

When they admitted they didn't know, with trembling and bated breath,
The king was furiously angry. He said, put all the wise men to death.

Now remember Daniel and his three friends. They were wise men who served the king.
If every wise man is put to death, how would they escape this thing?

So when Daniel heard of the King's dreadful word, he asked the king for some space.
Then he called his three friends. They had a prayer meeting, and God put a smile on his face.

God revealed the dream and the meaning, to Daniel and his three friends.
Daniel came before Nebuchadnezzar. Said God showed you the time of the ends.

No man, no magician, no astrologer can reveal this thing to you.
But Nebuchadnezzar, there's a God in heaven. He's revealed what he's going to do.

As for you oh king, you saw an image, terrible and shining bright.
His head was of gold, breast and arms of silver, as you slept on your bed that night.

The belly and thighs were of sparkling brass. The legs were of iron strong.
The feet and the toes were of iron and clay. It troubled you all night long.

Then you saw a stone, cut without hands. It smashed the images feet.
The whole image crashed and broke to pieces. Blew away like the threshing floor's wheat.

The stone became a mountain. Filled the earth. Quite amazing scenes.
God revealed your dream. You know he's not fake. He will show you what all of this means.

You Nebuchadnezzar, are a king of kings. You are mighty, strong and bold.
The world is your dominion. You are the head of gold.

After you shall arise a kingdom, inferior to your domain.
The kingdom of silver will replace you, but it will not remain.

Then a third of brass and a fourth of iron. Four kingdoms of which I speak.
But the fourth becomes iron mixed with clay. This diversity will make it weak.

Then the God of all living, the mighty stone, that you saw, cut without hands,
Will destroy human kingdom's with an eternal rule that shall reign in all the lands.

Nebuchadnezzar was shocked. The king fell on his face, and worshipped this servant called Dan.
He said of a truth, your God is real. Your words don't come from a man.

The king made Daniel great. For Daniel was real. Not one who simply pretends.
He reminded the king, of the others who prayed, so the king promoted Dan's friends.

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