Daniel, Shad, Mesh, Abed...

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 194
Daniel 1:1-21

God let Nebuchadnezzar, of the Babylon kings,
conquer Jerusalem, and take certain things.

He took vessels of gold from the temple and then,
he also took captive the brightest young men.

Back in his homeland he decided one day,
pick the smartest and strongest and we'll teach them our way.

Feed them what I eat. Three years run this test.
At the end of the term we will see who is best.

Now among these fine men, you remember Daniel.
Also Hananiah, Azaria and then Mishael.

Ashpenaz their keeper gave them names from afar.
Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego and Belteshazzar.

Now to eat of the king's food, that wouldn't be good.
God gave them a diet. We must eat what we should.

But the keeper said no. Eat what the king said.
If you don't look real healthy, it'll be, off with my head.

So Daniel said, prove us. Give us vegetables and water.
Then after ten days see if we don't look smarter.

After ten days these four who didn't eat the king's meat,
Were compared to the others, and the others were beat.

At the end of three years when the king made his test.
He found these four Hebrews were clearly the best.

They were put in the palace to work with the king.
Above all his wise men, seemed they knew everything.

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