Restoration Of Israel

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 193
Ezekiel 33:1-48:35

My people are like sheep with no shepherd to lead.
But I'll save my flock. Give them water and feed.

I will raise them again. They'll no more be a prey.
There'll be showers of blessing, in that wonderful day.

The heathen made you empty. They tore down your wall.
I will crush them and lift you, as around you they fall.

I will multiply Israel. You shall be rebuilt.
I will prosper your land. Fill your barns to the hilt.

I will gather you up, and wash your hearts clean.
Give you a new spirit. Upon me shall you lean.

My judgments you'll keep. My people you'll be.
You'll remember your sins and you'll turn back to me.

Now look at this valley. It's full of dry bones.
Do you think these can live? They are drier than stones.

I'll put flesh upon them. Put breath in their mouth.
I will open these graves. Bring them back to my house.

I will make them one nation. I will give them one king.
They will have a new song and to me they will sing.

Your enemies will come thinking you're easy prey,
as you're dwelling in peace in that glorious day.

Then my fury shall rise as I smite with the sword.
And the whole earth shall know, that your God is the Lord.

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