BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 187
Lamentations 1:1-5:22

How did this city become a widow? She was great among the nations.
Judah is now in captivity. No more feasts, just lamentations.

Zion mourns, while her enemies prosper, for Jerusalem's grievous sin.
Her people seek bread, and meat for the soul, but are crushed by mightier men.

God has destroyed and cast us off. Our gates are sunk to the ground.
Our eyes fill with tears. Our enemies hiss. Our sin has brought us down.

Surely God is against me. I'm a target for His bow.
He has broken my teeth. He has taken my peace. My hope, I no longer know.

But my soul remembers, it is of God's mercy, that we are not consumed.
His compassions fail not. His mercy is great. He is faithful un-to those whom...

...will patiently wait, and turn back to Him. He will not cast off forever.
Lets us search our ways; return to the Lord. His love, even sin cannot sever.

Now our punishment is greater than Sodom's. We'd be better to die by the sword.
We pine away, while our enemies laugh. Why did we turn from our Lord?

We are orphans and slaves we have no rest. The famine has caused us to perish.
Our women are ravished, our princes are hanged. All is gone that we once cherished.

Forget us not forever Lord. Let this fire refine us like gold.
You are angry with us. It is what we deserve. Please renew our days of old.

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