Deliverance Promised

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 186
Jeremiah 43:1-52:34

Shall we flee to Egypt for safety or stay,
in this broken land? Tell us, what does God say?

God told Jeremiah, if to Egypt they go,
They will meet with destruction. But they said, not so.

They didn't believe what Jeremiah said.
After all they had seen, went to Egypt instead.

There in Egypt they died, except a small band.
A remnant escaped who went back to their land.

Then Nebuchadrezzar fought against Egypt and won.
He smote the Philistines, but he was not done.

He completely crushed Moab, then the Ammonites;
then Edom and Elim in another two fights.

But remember God said, after seventy years,
I'll raise you back up; wipe away all your tears.

Finally Babylon's turn. The Caldeans would fall.
Israel would return. Build their temple and wall.

Through strong kings from the north, Israel would be freed.
Deliverance from Babylon would come surely, indeed.

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