Jeremiah Respected

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 185
Jeremiah 39:1-42:22

After eighteen months of terrible siege,
The city was taken, and the king tried to flee.

He was captured and now he was Babylon bound.
Jeremiah still sat on prison court ground.

Nebuchadrezzar had heard of Jeremiah's word.
He said Nebuchadrezzar was sent by the Lord,

To chasten God's people for living in sin.
So Nebuchadrezzar ordered, careful not to harm him.

Treat Jeremiah with kindest respect.
So the prophet was told, if he didn't object,

He could come up to Babylon and there have a voice.
Or remain here in Judah. 'Twas completely his choice.

Jeremiah remained, and after a while,
the people came near and I'm sure made him smile.

They knew how he told them the word of the Lord.
Like Nebuchadrezzar they knew God brought this sword.

The lesson is learned. We are coming to you,
so that you can reveal what God wants us to do.

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