A Talk With The King

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 184
Jeremiah 34:1-38:28

This captivity will cleanse the transgressors away.
Then all Israel and Judah will rejoice in that day.

My covenant is sure, and I'll give you a token.
You can't stop night and day, and my word won't be broken.

Now remember Jeremiah's in a pit at this time.
It's muddy, disgusting, he's covered in slime.

Write scroll for the king, and give it to him.
The king burns it up. God says, write it again.

Then the king got to thinking, with Jerusalem surrounded,
Jeremiah's been right. My unbelief is unfounded.

He had Jeremiah pulled up from that horrible pit.
Still locked up, an improvement, if just a slight bit.

He secretly met with the prophet and asked,
What has God told you. I'll listen at last.

You'll listen and kill me, Jeremiah replied.
I promise I won't, and this time I've not lied.

You must give yourself up or the city will burn.
The king did not listen. Will he ever learn.

Finally all but the poorest were carried away.
Jerusalem and the kings house were all burned that day.

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