The New Covenant

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 183
Jeremiah 29:1-33:26

The next part of his book Jeremiah spends a while,
writing those far away, in Babylon exile.

Don't be discouraged. Raise families. Multiply.
After seventy years, I again will draw nigh.

For I know on my thoughts, you can surely depend.
Thoughts of peace and not evil, an expected end.

You'll seek me and find me, and here's how you start.
Just be sure that you're searching, with all of your heart.

For lo the day comes, when my people have returned,
to the land of your fathers. The hard lesson learned.

I will make a new covenant. Put my law in their hearts.
They will serve me in truth, from their inward parts.

No more will they teach, as now does the priest.
For then all will know, greatest to the least.

I'll forgive their transgressions and remember no more.
There is nothing too hard for me. I'm the Lord.

Then God said, Jeremiah,
you're down, and in prison.
Like disciples in hiding before Christ was risen.

But call upon me, and I'll show you a lot.
Things great and mighty, that thou knowest not.

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