Jeremiah's Warning

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 181
Jeremiah 11:1-20:18

I will send Judah captive to a land they know not.
I'll send kings from the north, says the God they've forgot.

Pray not for their good. When they fast I won't hear.
Be it Moses or Samuel, I'll not lend an ear.

Why's God brought this evil? One day they'll ask then.
Though it's etched with a diamond, graven with iron pen.

The heart is deceitful o'er all, so says God.
It's desperately wicked. Acts like it's not flawed.

But you've disobeyed me, time after time.
Now I have a right, to amend what is mine.

Like a potter with his clay, so your God will make you.
He'll bring you through chastening, and mold you anew.

But King Zedekiah despised what he heard.
He rejected Jeremiah. Sought to silence his word.

Sent the son of a priest. 'Twas Pashur by name.
Who smote Jeremiah, and imprisoned the same.

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