Song of Solomon

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2024 . . 171
Song of Solomon 1:1-8:14

Tis the Song of Solomon, says the first verse. Must have been, the love of his life.
They sing it together, back and forth, both Solomon and his wife.

With kisses like wine, she was one of a kind. She says that she was black.
Kissed by the sun, the only one from her mother's entire pack.

He said, you are fair with eyes like a dove. No other woman will do.
Like roses and lilies, the other fillies are thorns compared to you.

She says that her beau, like a hind or a roe, skips upon the hills.
My beloved is mine and I am his. Just the thought of him gives me chills.

I sought for him and found him. I held him oh so tight.
He's protected by sixty soldiers, to keep him safe at night.

You are fair my love, with eyes of a dove, and beautiful locks of hair.
Your teeth are perfect your lips like scarlet, your breasts are oh so fair.

You've ravished my heart, my sister, my spouse, with lips like honeycomb.
Like a beautiful garden of pleasant fruit, abiding in my home.

That you were as my brother, nourished by my mother.
I'd find you without and bring you near. My heart longs for no other.

His left hand under my head. His right embraced like a glove.
I charge you daughters of Jerusalem, do not awake my love.

Many waters cannot quench love. No money can match its price.
Make haste my love and come to me and we'll have paradise.

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