Jacob Works For Laban

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 016
Genesis 29:30-Genesis 31:35

Jacob had two wives from Laban, lots of children as you know.
After many years of toil, homesick Jacob wished to go.

Let me return to my father with my children, wives and stuff,
I have served you long and faithful. Now I think I've had enough.

Yes said Laban you have done well. God has blessed me with you here.
Tell me what I'd have to pay you so that I can keep you near.

Jacob's wheels started turning. Make this good and I'll agree.
All the speckled, spotted cattle, sheep and goats give them to me.

Laban thought, that's fair enough. Take the ones with spot and line.
Just as long as you don't touch the other cattle. They are mine.

Jacob first was a deceiver. Laban beat him at his game.
Now this chance to get back even. Live up to his Jacob name.

Jacob started breeding cattle, sheep and goats, he was a pro.
Jacob's cows were big and strong. Laban's cattle thin and slow.

Laban saw and didn't like it. Changed the deal to and fro.
He ten times changed Jacob's wages. Still his cows were thin and slow.

Did not take long for that breeding to get Laban really stressed.
He got awfully mad at Jacob. Time for Jacob to head west.

God had blessed and prospered Jacob. Laban's changes didn't work.
Laban was the true deceiver. Reap what you sow when you're a jerk!

God said Jacob, rise and go back to the land where Isaac trod.
Jacob did, but didn't know that Rachel stole her father's god.

Laban caught them on their journey. Idol's gone and he was mad.
Give me back that which is mine, or I swear I'll hurt someone bad.

Why have you left without good byes? Why did you not let me know?
Because, said Jacob, if I had, you may have just not let me go.

Laban searched for his dumb idol. Couldn't find it anywhere.
Jacob was accused and angry. Dumb idol doesn't have a prayer.

Rachel hid it with her camel. Sat upon it through the search.
Aren't you glad you don't have idols? We will worship God in church.

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