Repentance And Messiah

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 159
Psalms 51:1-72:20

Have mercy on me. Cleanse my iniquity.
I acknowledge my sin, oh Lord against thee.

Create a clean heart, in me your creation.
Restore unto me, the joy of my salvation.

You desire not sacrifice, else I would give it.
A broken, contrite heart, Lord help me to live it.

Save me oh God, by thy great name.
Hear my prayer, remove my shame.

Evening, morning, at noon will I pray.
I'll meditate on you both night and day.

I beg you Lord, to protect me.
Save, hear, be merciful, deliver, they are all my constant plea.

Hear my prayer. Preserve my life.
Lay asunder my enemies with sword and knife.

I thank you God. You keep your word.
Make a joyful noise, unto the Lord.

If I regard sin, the Lord will not hear.
To my prayer you've attended, and lent me your ear.

Then God honored David, and again showed his worth.
Let him pen down much scripture, Jesus lived out on earth.

"They hate me without a cause." Does John 15, record.
"The zeal of thy house has eaten me up." John 2, says of our Lord.

"The reproaches of them that reproached thee are fallen upon me." Penned Paul.
"Gave me gall for my meat; Gave me vinegar to drink." At the cross you recall.

Then finally after seventy-two chapters, David's writing was suspended.
The last verse says of Jesse's son, that David's prayers were ended.

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