Three Friends Come

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 152
Job 2:11-14:22

Job's three friends came from far away. At first to comfort and mourn.
Seven days they sat in silence. Job said, wish I hadn't been born.

His first friend had enough. Said Job, I'm calling your bluff.
There's some sin I'm sure you hid, Mr. Job, behind all that stuff.

My advice to you Job, repent. I'm certain that God will forgive.
He'll deliver you Job, and to a full age, I am sure He will let you live.

Job replied, it is not that easy. You do not know my grief.
I wish God would destroy me. Just steal my life like a thief.

I've been upright, but time has run out.
My time came. Of that there's no doubt.

Where is forgiveness? Where is pardon from sin?
I'm forsaken by even, by the preserver of men.

Then Bildad, stood up to rebuke.
Will you judge God? You think it's a fluke?

There's a reason your down. Turn your heart back around.
It's the hypocrite that God casts to the ground.

Job replied, don't you see, God multiplies, my wounds without cause.
He destroys both perfect and wicked. Now doesn't that give you pause?

God, you know I'm not wicked and yet I'm condemned.
You have made me like clay. To dust, bring me again.

Then said Zophar, should we just refrain?
Hear your words, they are lies once again.

Put away what you hide, for God sees your heart.
It's the wicked who fail. Consider that for a start.

Job replied, are you wise? I am the same.
To comfort or judge me? Is that why you came?

God knows my heart. Though I can't understand.
He does what he does, I'm just a mere man.

I will trust Him though He slay me. God knows my ways.
Flowers die, rocks crumble and so are man's days.

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