Israel Is Saved

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 150
Esther 6:20-10:3

A great plan, most genius Haman. Just make sure you draw a crowd.
Do this all for Mordecai. Make your proclamation loud.

Well embarrassed Mr. Haman leading Mordechai's horse,
had to shout his loudest praises. Guess he hated that, of course.

Then when Haman arrived home, there came servants of the queen.
Haman don't be late for dinner. My, you're making quite a scene.

At the banquet there with Haman, king asked Esther in her home,
what my darling may I give you, to half of all I own.

Just one thing, came Esther's answer. Though as queen she was his wife.
Just one thing my king. This is my plea. I'm asking for my life.

Your life? Yes, and my people. We are sold and marked to die.
Who has brought this greatest evil? Haman could have said, 'tis I.

But instead the king departed. Greatly troubled he withdrew.
Haman trembling looked at Esther, for her eyes said, it is you.

Then the king returned in fury. Ordered Haman put to death,
with the enemies of God's people. Took away their every breath.

Purim is translated lots. We call them dice today.
All Israel would have been killed, if Haman had gotten his way.

His lots determined the day, the Israelites would perish.
Instead it became a day, forever they would cherish.

And still today in Israel, all keep the Purim Feast.
Not forgetting God preserved them from the greatest to the least.

And the man who saved the king's life. Mordecai, Haman's foe,
was exalted to the king's side. Mordechai...way to go!

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