Jacob Laban Rachel

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 015
Genesis 27:41-Genesis 29:29

Jacob now had Isaac's blessing. Esau growled, I'll make him pay.
Angry Esau wished to kill him. Rebekah sent Jacob away.

My brother is Laban, Rebekah advised. Go there until Esau cools down.
He'll forget all about this deception. You can then come back around.

So Jacob journeyed toward Haran. Set up camp at end of day.
Dreamed a ladder reached up to heaven, and back down to where he lay.

God met him there on that ladder; promised him all of the land;
with the children and the blessings, God had promised Abraham.

Jacob resumed his journey, untill to a well he came.
There he asked the local shepherds, if they knew of Laban's name.

Yes we know him weary traveler. Watch his daughter Rachel come,
with her sheep to give them water. You say you're Rebekah's son?

Jacob saw the young girl Rachel. Laban's daughter with the sheep.
Joy and emotion overcame. He kissed her and began to weep.

I am Jacob of Rebekah. She's the sister of your dad.
Rachel ran and told her father, come, your nephew. Meet the lad!

Laban ran, embraced and kissed him. Jacob you are family.
Come and stay with us in Haran. I'll pay you, if you'll work for me.

Please Jacob stay I beg you. Name your wages. Name your price.
Jacob said I'll work for Rachel. Seven years, then she's my wife.

Laban clapped, what a better man, could ever my daughter wed?
Work for me these seven years and it will be just as you've said.

After seven long years toil, Jacob asked, give me my wife.
What a wedding. What a morning. Oh, the surprise of his life.

Jacob married. Jacob partied. Laban threw a great big feast.
In the morning it was Leah! Crazy people from the east.

Laban said it is not fitting for the young to marry first.
But I worked. You gave me Leah. I want Rachel or I'll burst!

Well grinned Laban that's not strange.
I think that that can be arranged.

Work for me seven more years,
and Rachel here will dry your tears.

So Jacob worked full 14 years to marry Rachel of his dreams.
You see ol' Jacob the deceiver, reaped the harvest of his schemes.

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