BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 148
Esther 2:21-4:17

One day Uncle Mordecai, heard men hatch a plot.
The plan was a rebellion. We'll kill the king, they thought.

Mordecai called for Esther. Told her about the plan.
She told the king and saved his life. But the king forgot the man.

So Mordecai remained a servant. He still sat by the king's gate.
Another man would pass that way. His heart was full of hate.

He hated all the Jewish folk along with Mordecai.
He wished he could destroy them all. He wanted them to die.

This wicked man was Haman. He was honored by the king.
He plotted to destroy the Jews. Can you imagine such a thing?

A day was set as Haman planned and all the Jews would die.
The word was published through the land and read by Mordecai.

Again he called for Esther. Haman's plan...we don't exist.
It may be God has made you queen for such a day as this.

To venture in before the king often meant that you would die.
Unless the king accepted you and held his scepter high.

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