Esther Becomes Queen

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2024 . . 147
Esther 1:1-2:20

In the days of Ahasuerus the powerful Persian king,
from India to Ethiopia, he ruled over everything.

His queen, she was named Vashti. A beautiful woman indeed.
To obey the king was optional. She didn't feel the need.

He made a great feast and called for her. Her beauty to behold.
But she refused to come to him. How could she be so bold?

For most 'tis sure, to defy the king would mean the end of you.
He didn't want to take her life. What was the king to do?

So he called his wise men for advice. Can't let her make a scene.
They said to make this matter right, you should replace the queen.

So they looked across the kingdom for a perfect maiden fair.
Found a man named Mordecai, with Esther in his care.

They were captives here in Persia. Her parents both deceased.
Because she was an orphan, Mordechai raised his niece.

The king loved this girl Esther, more than all the rest.
He made her queen of all the land. 'Cause Esther was the best.

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