Building The Wall

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 146
Nehemiah 3:1-13:31

The priests, they built the sheep gate, next to men from Jericho.
Next to them the sons of Imri. And so the list would go.

The next group built the fish gate. The next seven built the wall.
Jehoiada fixed the old gate. And that wasn't close to all.

This list is just six verses. There are twenty-six more to go.
Imagine what their enemies thought. They said it would never be so.

In secret their enemies plotted to attack them by surprise.
But Israel learned of the evil plan, and turned it into lies.

Half built the wall. Half stood on guard, and everyone carried a sword.
Nehemiah and Ezra encouraged the men. Fear not and trust the Lord.

The enemy feared to attack them, but they watched and were amazed.
They knew God must be helping the wall. It was finished in fifty-two days!

Now the wall was complete and the city was great, but the people inside were few.
Only forty-two thousand to defend such a place, and likely the enemy knew.

So they set up sentries and fastened the gates, then read from the book of the law.
They read of deliverance from Egypt. They read of Israel's flaw.

They rehearsed why God had to punish them, with seventy years from their land.
How He mercifully blessed and restored them. Brought them back by His mighty hand.

They signed a covenant and promised, they would not disobey again.
But many married the heathen nearby, even though they knew it was sin.

Nehemiah along with Ezra, had to chasten and enforce God's rule.
To turn so quickly after all they'd been through... Don't play the part of a fool.

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