Temple And Wall Resumed

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 144
Ezra 5:1 - 10:44

When Darius saw what Cyrus did he made his own decree.
Not only should Israel stay with their work, but they will have help from me.

For sure you must stop hindering them, and bring them food and supplies.
And the taxes collected from you for me, give it all to the Israelites.

All this happened in the second year of Darius the Persian king.
And by his sixth year the temple was done. Now the people would worship and sing.

The former Artaxerxes, in his letter he told them, no more.
By the seventh year of Darius, this didn't sound like before.

Artaxerxes the second, said give Israel, all the supply they ask.
If any defy this order, I the king, will take them to task.

So Israel returned from captivity. Seventy years for dishonoring the Lord.
You would think that by now the lesson is learned. They will never depart from his word.

But in no time at all Mr. Ezra was told, the people have already strayed.
They have married the heathen and followed their ways. What will God do since we've disobeyed?

Ezra ripped his clothes and fell before God. How could we so quickly depart?
Ezra he wept and he prayed, grieved they'd so disobeyed, and he humbly poured out his heart.

The people gathered round, as he lay on the ground. They confessed their sin and their shame.
They pledged to repent and follow the Lord as they too humbly called on His name.

Are we different my friend? How many times have we called out to God in distress?
So He helps to repair as He answers our prayer, and we just make another big mess.

Let's remember what Ezra has told us. Honor God when all is good.
He knows what is best as He holds us. Let's love Him as we know we should.

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