Good and Bad Kings - 4

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 142
2 Chronicles 33:1--36:23

God blessed Hezekiah but when he passed, Manasseh his son took the throne.
Manasseh knew better but turned from the Lord. Said I want to do this on my own.

He rebuilt idol altars Hezekiah tore down. Engaged in enchantments and witches.
Sought familiar spirits which God had forbidden. To idols he offered his riches.

God warned Manasseh and the people. But they would not listen to Him.
So God sent the Assyrians Took him captive to Babylon. 'Twas a battle he just could not win.

Finally Manasseh humbled himself. He prayed. Could God now forgive?
After all the rebellion against God and his father. Would God let Manasseh live?

God heard him and restored his kingdom. Manasseh tore down the idols he'd made.
He repaired the temple of God once again. Imagine if at first he'd obeyed.

Then Amon his son was more evil, than Manasseh at first became.
His servants slew him. 'Twas replaced with a boy. Josiah was his name.

At eight years old Josiah reigned. Good and righteous, unlike his pa.
He broke idol altars, repaired Gods house, and read to the people God's law.

Reinstated the Passover in such a grand style,
that nothing compared for quite a while.

In fact it was said
as the law it was read,

That since Samuel the prophet walked the land,
no Passover feast was quite this grand.

But then came a mar on Josiah's reign.
Necho of Egypt came fighting again.

Not fighting Josiah, but just passing through.
But Josiah said, Necho, I'm gonna fight you.

Not to look like a king Josiah wore a disguise.
He went into battle and met his demise.

Jehoahaz reigned when Josiah was dead.
But captured by Necho, brother reigned in his stead.

Brother Jehoiakim was evil indeed. Too long a pattern I fear.
God raised Nebuchadnezzar to chastise his people. Captivity would start this year.

He captured Jehoiakim. Brought him to Babylon. Next Jehoiachin, eighteen years old.
He may have been young, but was evil as well. This pattern is getting quite old.

Nebie captured him too and whisked him away. Zedekiah ruled over his hoard.
He was evil as well. God sent prophets to tell, but the people all mocked the Lord.

Jeremiah had warned with specific detail. For seventy years it shall be.
Till the land fulfills the Sabbaths of God, according to his prophecy.

So Israel and Judah to Babylon went. What a hard lesson to learn.
'Til Cyrus of Persia rose to the throne, and finally decreed their return.

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