Good and Bad Kings - 3

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 141
2 Chronicles 27:1--32:33

Then Jotham his son in Jerusalem reigned, as a very good king indeed.
He built cities, won battles. Made his enemies pay taxes. Under him Judah had no need.

But Ahaz his son departed from God. So the Syrians cut his reign short.
Hezekiah took over. A wonderful king. The kind of man God will support.

He repaired the temple, restored Levites and priests.
Taught the people of worship, sacrifices and feasts.

Brought the Passover back. Invited Israel too.
Some said I won't. Many said, I do.

Some mocked Hezekiah. But others they came.
To worship the Lord, and honor His name.

There was joy in Jerusalem such as had not been,
In all of the years since king Solomon.

Israel turned to their God and broke down the altar,
and temples to idols that caused them to falter.

Hezekiah decreed, we are keeping the law,
observing the Sabbaths, seeking God without flaw.

God will bless us and keep us if we don't depart.
He taught them to love God with all of his heart.

Then God tested their faith Sennacherib came.
Surrounded Jerusalem. Made fun of God's name.

This Assyrian king thought to starve Hezekiah. They would have no water, he'd say.
But Hezekiah dug a tunnel to bring water in. That tunnel's still there today.

Hezekiah told his captains, men, just trust God. And the people all listened to him.
Then Sennacherib sent letters saying you have no chance. Against me you surely can't win.

So Hezekiah prayed and God sent an angel. He cut off Assyria's men.
Sennacherib had to retreat in shame. Against who, you cannot win?

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