Good and Bad Kings - 2

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 140
2 Chronicles 21:1-26:23

The next king was Jehoram quite wicked indeed. He took Ahab's daughter to wife.
His worship of idols and cruelty to family, ended up costing his life.

His son, Ahaziah then became king. He ruled as bad as his dad.
Lasted only a year, but his mother I fear was worse than even this lad.

When she saw he was dead she tried to destroy, all of the royal line.
But God told David, his seed would continue, and this promise was divine.

A priest named Jehoiada along with his wife, honored God's promise to David.
They hid baby Joash while Athaliah reigned. In the temple they patiently waited.

In the seventh year he armed the priests. It was time to wipe the slate clean.
They crowned Joash king at seven years old and killed the wicked ole queen.

Now Joash was raised in the house of God. He was brought up by those who believed.
When he became king he honored the Lord. 'Twas the training he received.

But when the priest died he departed from God. His servants then killed him dead.
His son Amaziah started out good as he reigned in his father's stead.

But alas Amaziah departed from God. So he, like his father was killed.
His son Uzziah did better by far. God let him, the land rebuild.

He defeated Philistines, Arabians and Ammonites, and rebuilt Jerusalem.
He dug lots of wells and amassed a great army, but do you know what happened then?

Just like his father and granddad before,
he started out good and honored God more.

But as he became strong so did his pride.
They departed from God and both of them died.

Now Uzziah knew better, but he didn't care.
He went into the temple when he shouldn't be there.

He took the honor reserved for the priest.
God made the king strong. God can make the king the least.

So Uzziah was smitten with leprosy. So sad, for the rest of his days.
When God gives you blessing don't forget it's from him.
Don't turn to evil ways.

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