Jacob And Esau's Blessing

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 014
Genesis 27:1-Genesis 27:40

Isaac was getting old. He felt his life was almost done.
Before he passed away he said I'll bless my oldest son.

Even though the boys were twins, Esau came out first.
That meant Esau was the oldest, but that is not the worst.

Actually there's nothing wrong with being the oldest son,
except mama didn't like it. Rebekah wanted the other one.

Esau, Isaac said, make me some savory meat.
I'll bless you before I die, but only after I do eat.

So Esau went out hunting to kill a wild deer.
Rebekah heard it all, and called her Jacob near.

She said Jacob listen to me, this is your opportunity.
I'll make some meat for papa, and I'll make it savory.

But I don't smell like Esau. I'm not hairy did Jacob cry.
Don't worry. Leave it to mama. I've got the perfect lie.

I'll make the meat that Isaac loves and dress you in Esau's clothes.
I'll put hair around your arms and neck to fool his hands and nose.

Isaac will never know the difference. Now go and give it unto him,
this savory dish that I have made of pretend venison.

So Jacob said, hi father. I'm Esau your oldest son.
Isaac wrinkled his brow when he heard his voice. You sound like the other one.

And how did you get back so quickly, from your venison hunting spree?
Jacob said, well my father, God was kind and brought it to me.

Let me feel your hands and kiss you, said Isaac to the fake.
He smelled the clothes and the hairy hands and made the big mistake.

You smell like Esau and you have his hair though your voice could have betrayed.
But I guess I'm wrong, you must be Esau let me eat the meat you made.

Now I'm sure you're Esau. It's your savory meat, said Isaac to Jacob.
He blessed him and made him rule his brother, and now here comes the rub.

As soon as Jacob left, guess who walks right in,
with a smile on his face and a great big bowl of savory venison?

You guessed it! It was Esau, returned from his hunting place.
Hey, dad, I'm Esau your oldest son. Now bless me. Why the long face?

You're shaking like a leaf. My father what is wrong.
I'll tell you son, said Isaac. The blessing is all gone.

I gave it to Jacob. He tricked us again. Esau screamed in agony.
He took my birthright and now my blessing is there nothing left for me?

So Esau hated Jacob. Swore he'd kill him for sure one day.
But Rebekah heard it all again and sent her Jacob away.

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