Good and Bad Kings - 1

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2022 139
2 Chronicles 10:1-20:37

Now Solomon died and was buried. Rehoboam reigned in his stead.
He took no advice, and the people rebelled. They just would not do as he said.

The kingdom was split into two. Though for three years this king was good.
But after the third, he departed from God and would not reign as he should.

When he died God raised up Abijah. His son as Judah's king.
Jeroboam reigned in Israel. Jerry didn't obey a thing.

God let Abijah defeat him, and brought peace throughout the land.
When Abijah died, his son Asa reigned. He too took a Godly stand.

For ten years the people had peace. While Asa honored God.
Then the army of Ethiopia came, with a million men stretched abroad.

How can we stand against such a hoard?
Asa prayed once again, and he asked of the Lord.

God answered his prayer and the battle was won.
Till his thirty-fifth year the fighting was done.

But in the thirty-sixth year as he sat on his throne
Baasha of Israel, surrounded his home.

Would Asa of Judah now win in this fight?
Would he pray as before when a million took flight?

This time I must say Asa didn't trust God. He used gold from the temple instead.
He hired the Syrian army to fight against Israel until they fled.

Then God sent a prophet to Asa. Why did you not trust the Lord?
He saved you from many. He could save from this few. You've departed from God's word.

From now on, you shall have battles. It was so 'cause of Asa's flaw.
Then his son Jehosaphat reigned in his stead. He was good and taught God's law.

God blessed this good king of Judah. The nations paid tribute to him.
But he made a league with Israel's king, wicked Ahab. God said that was sin.

God sent a message through Jehu. Jehoshaphat, Ahab is wrong.
Jehoshaphat turned back to God. What a blessing. That didn't take long.

Then the kings of Moab and Ammon aligned against Judah's land.
Jehoshaphat prayed and trusted in God. God delivered him out of their hand.

Do you see the pattern my friend? God-honoring kings had rest.
These are not just stories without any end. They're to teach us how we can be blessed.

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