Queen of Sheba

BibleInPoems, Ron Calugar, 2015-2023 . . 138
2 Chronicles 8:1-9:31

After twenty years the temple was built, along with the house of the king.
With cities rebuilt; nations all paying tax, Israel wanted not for a thing.

Now a rich queen heard of Solomon's wealth. This is crazy. For sure she knew.
So she packed her camels to see for herself. It's much too good to be true.

And his wisdom it can't be as rumored. No man is quite so wise.
I'll test him with questions he won't understand. And his wealth? Just watch his surprise.

I'll bring of my treasures. They're sure to impress.
Compared to my glory, he'll think he's a mess.

I've heard he makes silver like stones in the street.
And gold is so common. No king can compete.

He answers hard questions with wisdom so grand.
There's nothing to trick him in all of the land.

No one is this brilliant, this rich or this bold.
So she came for herself, 'cause of what she was told.

And when she arrived, she could hardly believe.
His servants and temple and house made of trees,

Of cedar and gold of silver and jewels.
And compared to his wisdom, other kings looked like fools.

I journeyed from Sheba, for I did not believe.
One king was so rich, but now I perceive...

That with all of the rumors of wisdom and gold.
This queen must admit, the half was not told.

It's more than I ever imagined could be.
God has blessed you my king, and now I can see.

'Tis true what they told me. In fact, more than true.
I imagined a lot, but nothing like you.

So the queen she returned, and Solomon reigned.
All Israel was happy and no one complained.

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